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pencilbox [entries|friends|calendar]

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[17 Feb 2010|07:49am]

don't ever treat another man like that.
if you really love him don't just say it.

you fool of a girl carmelle alexis tan
you better be happier.

I know. I know. I know [14 Feb 2010|06:26pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

You're in my arms
And all the world is calm
The music playing on for only two
So close together
And when I'm with you
So close to feeling alive

A life goes by
Romantic dreams will stop
So I bid mine goodbye and never knew
So close was waiting, waiting here with you
And now forever I know
All that I wanted to hold you
So close

So close to reaching that famous happy end
Almost believing this was not pretend
And now you're beside me and look how far we've come
So far we are so close

How could I face the faceless days
If I should lose you now?
We're so close
To reaching that famous happy end
And almost believing this was not pretend
Let's go on dreaming for we know we are
So close
So close
And still so far

dearest hoon chee chong [28 Jan 2010|06:55pm]


may you forget everything now.


some things never change, but some things do [13 Dec 2009|01:09pm]

i just don't know what to say or feel. maybe visiting wasn't such a good idea after all.
i thought after 2 months would be okay, that i could treat her as a friend. wrong.
wanted to talk to her after, she said yes so i waited all night.
i just needed to talk. to trash it all out.
i feel like a loser ex that pesters the other party even after break up.
probably matt's solution is the best. it'll probably help.
i'm in a mess. no r/s should ever end this way.

[07 Dec 2009|10:35am]

i'm backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk (: hope everyone's doing well.
brunei was living hell aha. lots and lots of stories to tell.
long story short is I passed the course and lost 7kg.
haven't been around much lately because i'm really really tired so i spent most of the time home recuperating. missing school as much as everyone else. i was just talking to syafiq the other day on our way to camp about this year's senior batch.(whom was freshman when we were seniors OMG.) they're halfway through their fyp and graduating next year march? OMG nobody is going to recognize us when we go back to school after that. that's damn scaryyyyyyy. time for a IMD/MOI outing. like NOW.

everything's moving so fast. friends are getting cars, planning to study overseas, GETTING married, HAVING children and moving on with life. i vaguely have a plan for the future myself. i'm going to study in brisbane after i ORD and if possible i'll work in aus for a year. after that i'll come back and work in the industry for probably 5-6 years before going to teach in TDS. although teaching may not exactly be the highest paying job, i think it's something i will be satisfied and passionate with as a career. moreover i feel really indebted to TDS and i really want to offer the same guidance to the future generations (:

on a side note i'm really irritated with people that has endless self-pity. like honestly it never runs out. just do something about it and stop finding reasons and wasting time man. grow up and act instead of whining.

ok a good example would be what my my best friend tom seah likes to say. IF YOU KNOW YOU ARE FAT, STOP SAYING YOU'RE FAT AND GO LOSE SOME WEIGHT.

yes you're that fat.

ok this is just an example. i was irritated by something else.
ok peace!


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